LiFePO4 Off Grid Solar System Small Home
Welcome to LiFePO4 Oz, Australia's trusted name for off-grid battery storage system solutions. Our experienced team is here to help you take charge by finding the off-grid solar batteries system for your needs. Here we are providing smart, high-quality, and reliable energy storage solutions for Australians.

Our passion for helping people to store energy and save money while also preserving the environment drives us to originate and distribute emerging products. We can achieve this by helping people build their own lithium Off grid batteries banks with LiFePO4 Batteries and accessories.

Which Off Grid Solar System Is Right For You?

There are so many options for off-grid battery systems, solar batteries, power, and storage. Choosing the right off-grid solar system for you will depend on your energy consumption, location, and period that you're looking to operate before needing to charge.

Why choose a LiFePO4 Oz Off Grid Battery System?

Plenty of Australian homeowners dream about going with an off-grid solar battery systems and home battery storage. So we are providing the best off-grid products discovered by our experienced team. Our Off-grid solar battery systems are compatible to work with roof- or ground-mounted solar panels, an MPPT solar charge controller, an Inverter/Charger and an integrated diesel generator for backup, if required.

LiFePO4 10kw Off Grid Solar System Price Australia - LiFePO4 Oz

One thing that we have not talked about here, that is cost. Although, 10kW off grid solar system price will be between $10,000 and $15,000. The lithium off grid solar power batteries will be a bit more expensive. Additionally, there are many things that homeowners thinking about going off-grid should take into consideration.

Benefits of an Off-Grid Solar Power System
1. Avoiding Power Outages
2. Reducing Electricity Costs
3. Easier Installation
4. Suitable for Remote areas that do not have Grid power access.
5. Keeping the Environment Clean and Green

You can view our Off- Grid Battery Kits here: LiFePO4 Battery Kits

Alternatively, if you are considering a lifepo4 off grid solar batteries system and want to know if it is right for you, then call us for advice. We will be able to assist you in choosing the right solar system as per your requirements. Our mission is to find exciting ways to extend the use of off-grid solar solutions to power our everyday lives.

October 05, 2021 — Pardeep Garg