Navigating through LiFePO4 battery grades like 'Grade A,' 'Grade B,' or 'Grade C' can be a confusing endeavor. The industry's grading system is not only inconsistent across manufacturers but also tends to be quite subjective. There's even a common misconception that 'Grade B' or 'Grade C' cells are essentially recycled or substandard.

To eliminate this confusion, we've taken a more transparent approach. We label our cells as either 'Automotive Grade' or 'Solar Grade' to give you clarity about what you're investing in.

Automotive Grade Cells: Tailored for Rigorous Environments

Automotive or Electric Vehicle (EV) use subjects cells to significantly greater stress due to higher rates of charge and discharge. It's vital for Automotive Grade cells to have lower and more consistent Internal Resistance (IR) for easier cell balancing and longevity. We guarantee this by providing an official test report from the manufacturer that includes both the internal resistance and the rated capacity for each Auto Grade cell.

Solar Grade Cells: Your Reliable Energy Reservoir

Solar Grade cells, in contrast, are more optimized for steady, long-term energy storage. They don't endure the rapid charge and discharge cycles commonly experienced in automotive applications. Although these cells don't come with an official manufacturer's test report, each one undergoes stringent testing to confirm that its capacity meets or exceeds the advertised numbers, with the internal resistance clearly labeled on each cell.

Quality Assurance with Australian-Backed Warranty

We understand the importance of peace of mind when investing in battery technology. That's why all our cells, be it Auto Grade or Solar Grade, come with an Australian-backed warranty. You're not just buying a product; you're investing in reliability and performance assured by local accountability.

In summary, it's time to forget about vague and arbitrary classifications like 'Grade A, B, C.' With our transparent Auto Grade and Solar Grade categories, you can confidently choose the right cells for your specific needs, all backed by a robust Australian warranty.

September 04, 2023 — Ernest Brindley