12V 60A Dual Input DC - DC Charger with 30A Solar Input

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With this 60A Solar DC - DC Charger you can charge/maintain your auxiliary with the vehicles charging system or with solar panels.

  • Strong Aluminum case with mounting brackets

  • 60A DC -DC Charging current

  • 30A Solar Charging current

  • MPPT Regulator

  • 4 Stage high frequency Charging profile

  • Compatible with AGM/Gel, Sealed, Flooded, LifePO4, Lithium-ion

  • Temperature sensor which auto adjust power output

  • Bluetooth Adapter

  • Protection for over charging, low voltage, short circuit and high temperature.

  • Reverse polarity protection for both input and outputs

  • Digital Display (Optional Extra)


Model: BS126030
Type: Multi Stage Solar DC to DC
Size: 190 x 215 x 70 (mm)
Weight 1.6kg
Input: DC Battery: 13.2-16.0 Volts
Output/Charging Voltage: 13.5-15.4 Volts(Stops charging when alternator output or vehicle battery below 13.0 volts)
Output Current: 60AMP DC-DC, 30AMP Solar
Minimum Start Voltage: 2.0 Volts-For battery being charged
Soft Start: Yes
Bulk Charge Voltage: 14.7V(AGM/Gel), 14.4V(Lead Acid), 15.4V(Calcium), 14.4V(LiON)
Equalisation: Automatic
Float Charge Voltage: 13.5V(AGM/Gel)13.5V(Lead Acid)13.5V(Calcium)
Float Charge Current: 100mA
Battery Range: 18 to 250Ah
0-1 Metres Cable: 12AWG
1-5 Metres Cable: 8 AWG
5 Metres Cable: 6 AWG
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